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WSP Blog Entries

3 "Gets" for Today's Ottawa Buyer

If you're keeping an eye on Ottawa Real Estate these days, you've likely read some daunting news for Buyers. It's a Sellers' market ... Inventory is low ... Prices are going up.
Here's the thing, this is true. Here's the other thing, there are still very, very happy buyers out here. 

The Ottawa Real Estate Board backed up this good news with the relea...

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The Fall Market is Here!

The Fall real estate market is upon us and that means that it's the second busiest time of year for home sales. What does this mean for buyers and sellers? 

Buyers can expect a higher inventory than what has been seen over the last month or so meaning there will be more to choose from. However, based on the current market conditions this will likely...

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3 Tips for Buying in the Hot Ottawa Real Estate Market

There is no question that Ottawa is in the middle of a sellers market which means that there are far more buyers looking than sellers listing.  This often creates a scenario where multiple buyers are competing for the same house which means that the price starts to creep up.  Here are 3 tips for buying in this type of market.

1. Know where you want to...

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